Wall of Death

Here you go Ryan


The Energy within cries, screams, begs for that moment of joyful bliss. Meeting in a supernova of colors. For that supernova is the moment where all things come to be, people are relieved of their ties with one another, they are free to express the ever-evolving cherries growing in their chambers of thought. Freezing water from the blue abyss touches and makes brittle the touch of others. Until that moment when there is a rightful warmth coming from the collection of amoeba’s energy. A single beam of life, present are all colors completing the energy within. A fire inside erupts with a passion like non other, the flames devour everything that is logic until that fateful day where it is tamed by the presence of many and the echoes of time. The logic that was once hushed comes charging back with a different definition of itself. The laws that were once known to it are far gone into the vastness of the banks. The waves crash with full force doubting it’s existence, for once again does it perish in the flames reminding where and why it once was and why it is wrong. Now it lives forever in the minds and the thoughts of the words on a page in the largest books in the largest volumes of forever. 

-Atom Hills 

(Source: Spotify)


The Eagle Nebula